Riverdale Park

230 Fletcher Cres, Alliston, Ontario L9R1M1

Playground: (North side of Fletcher Street)

Play surface:   Rubber

Types of Play:

Creative / Cognitive:  Yes   Physical Play: Yes

Quiet Retreat Play: Yes       Social Play: Yes 

Additional Play Info: Adaptive merry-go-round, adaptive music instruments, adaptive swing (not available by path), interactive games at ground level.

Recreation: (South side of Fletcher Street)1 baseball diamond (Doner Diamond), 1 skate park, 1 splash pad (Rotary Splash Zone). Refer to Rotary Pool and Alliston Bandshell for more information.

Paths: Playground has 1.8m wide asphalt walkways with no slope and connection to on-street parking area. Splash pad has 2m wide asphalt walkway with connection to parking lot on south side of Fletcher St., and on-street parking. Additional 1.5m wide asphalt walkway connection from splash pad to Rotary Pool, however slope is steep. No path connection to Doner Diamond or to skate park.

Seating: Playground has 8 benches on concrete pads.  Splash pad has 2 benches, picnic tables and wheelchair accessible tables under gazebos. No seating at skate park. Lions Pavillion has picnic tables.

Parking: On-street parking available with dropped curb adjacent to playground.  Six (6) accessible parking spots available. On-street parking on south side of Fletcher St. but no accessible parking available.  Parking lot (paved) adjacent to splash pad. Gravel and dirt parking lot adjacent to Doner Diamond- no dedicated accessible parking. 

Lighting: Playground has light standards. Doner diamond has field lighting but no parking lot lights. Splash pad parking lot is lit. Skate park is not lit. 

Washrooms:  Permanent washroom facility available at the splash pad. Female side has 3 regular stalls and 1 accessible stall with grab bars and a change table. Male side has 1 accessible stall, 2 regular stalls and 2 urinals. A separate family washroom is available with an automatic door opener. Porta-potty available at Doner Diamond. 

Shade/shelter: Two (2) medium gazebos at the splash pad. One (1) large gazebo (Lions Pavillion) available on the south side of Fletcher St. Large mature trees by Doner Diamond and around the playground.

Drinking Water: not available

Transit: none

Other: Lions Pavillion is available for rental.



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Parking lots
Picnic Tables
Ball diamond
Group open space
Shade structure
Hiking trails
Skateboard park
Splash pad
Pool – outdoor
Settlement area